I am a  Portrait, Fashion, Glamour, Wedding, Commercial & Business Promotional Photographer & Videographer based in Wyckoff, NJ. Happy to take high quality photos for families, individuals and business, including corporate events, commercial photography & business promotional videos.

Who are you?  What defines you?  Is it your look? Your business? Your style? Your personality?  Whatever it is, let's work together to capture it and preserve it, so that you can enjoy it for years to come. 

For me, photographing people is about much more than framing a moment in time.  It's about helping you celebrate yourself, your family, or your emotions.  At any point in your life, you may look or feel a certain way, you may subscribe to a particular style of dress, or you may be carrying a certain emotion.  Why not grab it?  We all spend time looking back with nostalgia at who we were at any given point in our lives, it's more fun when we're looking at something tangible.

People | Portraits | Events

Business | Commercial | Product

With a background in Management, Product Development and Social Media/Website Design, I fully understand the variety of ways you can promote your business.  In today's visual world, the importance on great quality presentation through photos, videos and eye catching websites & social media pages are critical to growing your business.  Let me not only provide your business with quality visual media, but also consider me part of your strategic marketing team as we plan out the most effective ways to promote your business.